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The How To Be Awesome List

The steps:

1. Date potatoes
2. Drive a hippo
3. Grow eggplants
4. Exist
5. Dye your hair purple
6. Dye you eyebrows purple
7. Dye your eyelashes purple
8. Heck! Jus dye your face purple
9. Wear clothing
10. Talk to yourself
11. Sculpt tomato persons outta cheese
12. Call Elmo
13. Own a vampire yorkie
14. Read this list
15. Do the stuff on this list
16. Share this list
17. Dnt tlk liek dis in storys 😥
18. Understand the importance of LOLcat
19. Fly around Montana on a pegasus
20. Name the Pegasus Albert
21. Understand Procrastination
22. Become nocturnal
23. Grow fangs
24. Scare young children
25. Scare other teenagers
26. Scare your parents
27. Scare you teacher
28. Get detention
29. Know what a Furby is
30. Know what a bagel is
31. Know how to eat a bagel
32. Eat a bagel
33. Enjoy reading this list
34. Stop being bored
35. Fry an egg on the sidewalk
36. Communicate telepathically with your friends
37. Telepathically tell your friends they should read this list
38. Telepathically tell your friends to telepathically tell their friends to read this list
39. Telepathically tell your friends to telepathically tell their friends to telepathically tell their friends to read this list
40. Understand that you have not even made it halfway through this list
41. Believe in fairies
42. Believe in Prince Charming
43. Believe in a fairy Prince Charming
44. Believe in monsters
45. Believe in monsters that eat the fairy Prince Charming
46. Defy fate
47. Defy gravity
48. Defy death
49. Defy life
50. Defy life and death at the same time
51. Know what texting is
52. Know what a phone is
53. Know what electronics are
54. Know what electricity is
55. Remember the dark ages…
56. Time travel to the past
57. Time travel to the future
58. Time travel to the past and future at the same time
59. Be epic
60. Be spontaneous
61. Be unnecessarily hyper
62. Make you parents think you’ve lost it
63. Be short
64. Be tall
65. Know what the fox says
66. Eat pudding
67. Go ‘Cray’
68. Build a candy house
69. Dress up like a witch
70. Try to eat children that try to nom on you house
71. Attempt to keep reading this list
72. Actually try to keep reading this list
73. Do a face-palm
74. Believe in magic
75. Defy the rules of logic
76. Defy Murphy’s Law
77. Defy common sense
78. Create your own version of common sense
79. Defy it
80. Defy defying
81. Understand #80 in all its pointless glory
82. Tell people you’re a super-hero
83. Tell people you’re a super-villain
84. Don’t contradict yourself
85. Banish acne from existence
86. Feed on the power of the sun
87. Sneeze like a rockstar
88. Parade your house like a zombie
89. Bring a dinosaur back to life
90. Ride it
91. Don’t be a pervert
92. Leave a comment on this
93. Vote for this
94. Share this with the world
95. Tell your parents to read this
96. Tell you grandparents to read this
97. When you grow up tell your kids about this
98. Dance because you are now awesome
99. Talk to me!!!
100. Shake your head at yourself because you just wasted 3 minutes of your life reading this list.
101. Be awesome




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