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Homework: Purple Prose

Assignment: One Paragraph of Purple Prose (unnecessarily ‘flowery’ and descriptive writing)

(I have a translation at the bottom)


Purple Prose:

With ease she set her oral fissure ajar and, with much exuberance and pensiveness in her turquoise and seemingly spheroid irises that mirrored the auspicious shimmer of the sun, ensnared a frigid segment of atmosphere that withheld the pungency of a multitude of sautéed, not so nourishing, lardaceous substances. She tilted her abnormally massive cranium to ogle at the tracks running beneath the cumulonimbus fluffs of dormant precipitation and released the previously ambushed and trapped atmosphere that she had retained for approximately sixty milliseconds as she stood encompassed by the plethora of Homo sapiens at the amusement park.


She happily breathed in the smells of the amusement park with the sunlight reflecting in her blue eyes. She breathed out and looked up from the crowd at the roller-coaster.


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