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The Mural on the Prison Wall

Once upon a time

I learned a valuable lesson

Never dream because it wastes your time

And never trust anyone

I decided not to let them see

The part of me that’s broken

The side of me that bleeds

I would leave my sadness unspoken

So I began with the first and simple step

To immerse myself in bitterness

Then I come out to see what’s next

That is to mask my face with coldness

The next layer was difficult to wear

But in time it became more comfortable

The intention was to have them hear

Exactly what they thought was acceptable

For the final facade

I chose the expected sugar coating

A natural dress of extended tolerance

And  a smile that reflects the aspect of caring

Now my costume was finished

The stitches held tight my artificial skin

The lies would hide me and I would remain emotionless

In attempt to steer them and I away from the hurt within




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