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“You Will Never See What I See – Eyes”

You would never understand how I see the world. You would never understand why I see it like I do. You can’t understand a person’s sight unless you see through their eyes yourself, and such things are impossible. All that you think you know is different where I live; everything you think you see is […]


“Forget Me Not – a Rapunzel Story”

The sky was dark as if the sun itself was giving up, and it might as well have died already; she never saw it anymore. What light made it to the ground was always cold and grey, emotionless like a constant shadow that hung over the House. Then there was the shadow of the over […]

Save Samuel #3


The air was cold, frigidly biting my pale skin as I stood watching the street, and the wind blew my hair away from my face as if to greet me. The chill seemed so familiar; I never thought I would end up back in the giant city of New York. The moment I had stepped […]


“Sam, who is that?” He didn’t reply. “Is that you?” He subtly shook his head and kept drawing. “Where did you see him then?” I asked. “At school,” Samuel whispered, “he was watching me…”