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The air was cold, frigidly biting my pale skin as I stood watching the street, and the wind blew my hair away from my face as if to greet me. The chill seemed so familiar; I never thought I would end up back in the giant city of New York. The moment I had stepped out on the sidewalk only minutes ago, everything had come rushing back like floodwater. The bits and pieces of everything filled it until the stream became nearly indecipherable.

Right now it was night, but one could hardly tell with the lit up buildings and signs. So many colors filled the streets and walls, attacking my mind and begging for my gaze’s attention. They were impossible not to notice, flashing lights and striking pictures; it was as if I were walking through an incarnate internet. I closed my eyes and a wave of memories snuck up on my thoughts, pulling me back to the nights when my mother would take my brother and I to see a movie or maybe a Broadway performance back when we had the money. She would hold tight to my hand as we trudged through the sounds of a living, breathing city. I remembered the theatre with its countless rows of red chairs, filled with people of all sorts. They would all watch the stage with rapt attention, taking in the glory of the lights and the scene.

My eyes fluttered open to meet the city again, my conscious dropping me hard in the reality of the here and now. It was the first time I had stood at this intersection in so many years, the first time I saw Times Square in person for so long. It was amazing to be back, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this place until now, when I came back for good.

I was here because I wanted to be an actor, and this was just one step of the many to getting on a stage or on a set. It hadn’t been my first dream for my life, but out of those dreams, it was the most prominent from those in my childhood. I would make it there, I would make it happen. I wasn’t one to give up and I would never be.


I turned around to face a man, his face slender and his black hair tousled over his hazel eyes. I ducked my head to the side to look up into those eyes, eyes outlined with a decent dose of eyeliner. “Bryce?” I stepped back and tried not to stare. He was still as tall as he was during high school and just as lean, but he seemed so much older. He had grown up so much in those years I was gone; just like I had.

Nodding, he smiled to accent the two black rings piercing his lower lip. He took me into a tight hug and then pulled back to study my face. “Aves what’re you doing here?”

“Came back for a career,” I smiled back, looking up and around the towers again, “going to be an actor.”

“You’ve moved here then?” he asked, “staying in the city?”

I nodded, “Got a flat not too far away, thought I’d drop by at this place before I went there, though… for memories’ sake.”

“It’s still as beautiful as it was way back then,” Bryce sighed, a sigh that didn’t come often from him, “remember when we would walk down here with Lee and Bella? Just for the heck of it…”

“All the way from Astoria, across the bridge and into this place,” another silent smile crept onto my lips, lingering there for a moment as we stood in silence.

“I miss it,” Bryce muttered with his eyes now roaming the lights, “I miss all of it, you know. To think that it’s all behind us is insane. It seems we’ve all grown up now; I’m working with set designers, Bella’s a nurse, and Lee’s off at ROTC. Now you, you’re going to be like all those actors we used to watch.”

“If I can make it,” I grinned over at him and he smirked back, taking his gaze off the buildings to return my look.

“You’ll make it Aves, I know you will.”

Author Link: http://www.wattpad.com/user/_shoes


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