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On Wattpad – Nothing Feels Better Than This….


getting votesIt’s those rare occasions when people come across something I’ve published on Wattpad and they turnout to like it. Seeing that I got votes in the notifications is just awesome : ) It’s like a golden moment that just makes a day perfect- and I feel like the stuff I publish isn’t just a ghost that no one pays attention to. Everyone should get to experience the joy of this : )

If you’re a serious writer and you’ve got a Wattpad but have trouble getting reads, tell me in a comment- I’d really like to read your stuff! I’ve seen a lot of amazing writers getting overlooked in the Wattpad community- and they deserve votes that they can’t seem to get : )

And if you’re a writer and don’t have a Wattpad- seriously- get one and tell me : D I’d absolutely love to be your first reader and follower!!



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