She swallowed hard, her eyes set on the great black figure that lay helpless on the dark beach. Its ivory-black scales glinted in the moonlight with the soft rise and fall of the beast’s breathing. She couldn’t see its head, only its back and wings that lay limp in fatigue. “Andreas,” she murmured, and then […]

Here’s Nero!!!! (And Gogmar)

Sooooo, I drew this picture of Nero on the back of Gogmar a while ago and I decided to upload it to here! The first if the original and the last two are edits I made using PSE7. The main focus was on Nero, but I think I portrayed Gogmar pretty well too. I know […]

Book: Gogmar

Genre: Dark Fiction/Teen Fiction Julian and Andreas, two runaways, both fleeing the walls of Agmaria where they were constantly caged. Not one night away from safety, and they confront a dragon in the dead of night. They are quickly pulled unknowingly into plans of total rebellion, a plot to purge their homeland and it’s cities […]