Leaving Tonight (To Somewhere Else)


“Missing You”

  To feel Alone Is what We fear; I feel Alone Without You here. It’s not The same When you Are gone; I’ll miss You now Until You’re home. Can’t wait To see Your smile Again, Can’t wait To meet Your eyes And then To laugh With you, To be With you, The days Won’t […]


The Mural on the Prison Wall

Once upon a time I learned a valuable lesson Never dream because it wastes your time And never trust anyone I decided not to let them see The part of me that’s broken The side of me that bleeds I would leave my sadness unspoken So I began with the first and simple step To […]

Dear Aaron: A Letter

Dear Aaron, Hey there, sorry… it’s kinda a spontaneous letter, but you’re the only one I feel like I can talk to anymore; everyone else…. there’s just to many complications. I know that you probably won’t hear me, but it’s worth a shot. There’s no one else to talk to so… you’re my last resort. […]

What’ s Broken

Is it true that…   No one wants what’s broken They only want what lasts No one wants what’s empty They will leave it in their past No one wants the burden Of someone who isn’t strong No one wants to listen When everything is wrong No one wants to put up With a heart […]


She watches him And wonders If he Could ever Love her again She misses him And cries When he Does not Seem to care anymore She doesn’t know If she could Love someone Like that Ever again…