80 balloons

On Wattpad – Nothing Feels Better Than This….

  It’s those rare occasions when people come across something I’ve published on Wattpad and they turnout to like it. Seeing that I got votes in the notifications is just awesome : ) It’s like a golden moment that just makes a day perfect- and I feel like the stuff I publish isn’t just a ghost that […]


The How To Be Awesome List

The steps: 1. Date potatoes 2. Drive a hippo 3. Grow eggplants 4. Exist 5. Dye your hair purple 6. Dye you eyebrows purple 7. Dye your eyelashes purple 8. Heck! Jus dye your face purple 9. Wear clothing 10. Talk to yourself 11. Sculpt tomato persons outta cheese 12. Call Elmo 13. Own a […]

I half-heartedly made my username “faaah” on songmeanings.com

They sent me an email verification…           They seem awfully grateful I signed up    

So there’s this spider….

and he’s in the bathroom… he’s been in there for about a week–and he FREAKS ME OUT. I think he’s spinning a web and he keeps dropping down on his web to about eye level. I’m terrified I’ll run into him with my face And we don’t want that Him and I, we have a love/hate […]