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‘Moonlight Band’ cover art

    I was asked again to do some cover art for a friend; here’s how it turned out! Advertisements

‘Savior’ cover art

    A musician friend of mine asked me to do the cover artwork for a music cover he was doing, you aught to check him out sometime! He goes by Diviaped  https://soundcloud.com/12-string-ninja  www.youtube.com/channel/UCJv1N6VnUfy2X0n-p7kViXQ  

Album Cover

Song: Take Me back

Light and Dark

“Forget Me Not – a Rapunzel Story”

The sky was dark as if the sun itself was giving up, and it might as well have died already; she never saw it anymore. What light made it to the ground was always cold and grey, emotionless like a constant shadow that hung over the House. Then there was the shadow of the over […]

Save Samuel – Cover 1

Book: Save Samuel

  Genre: Dark Fantasy/Teen Fiction “There is what we see, And there is what is hidden. Samuel is the balance, And I am his guardian…” READ