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Sky Whales


“Only A Mirror” – a Snow White story

Dark hair pulled up in a tight braid that clung to her head to support the weight of a crown, and pale skin, milky white due to hiding from the sun: this was the reflection she saw in my face every day she prepared to confront the morning. She took each moment as it came, […]

“Forget Me Not – a Rapunzel Story”

The sky was dark as if the sun itself was giving up, and it might as well have died already; she never saw it anymore. What light made it to the ground was always cold and grey, emotionless like a constant shadow that hung over the House. Then there was the shadow of the over […]

“In My Closet”

“In My Closet” Author Link:Jemma😉 (homework:had to write + illustrate a children’s book)                 The End 🙂 Jemma D © 2014  

Lost in the Blizzard

“Lost In The Blizzard” Author Link: http://www.wattpad.com/user/_shoes His gaze was fixed, staring outside the window where snowflakes drifted lightly to the ground. With a sigh he sunk to the floor and closed his eyes, a light grin spreading across his face as he heard his father’s voice. “Are you still going tomorrow?” Mr. O’Bryin’s muttered with […]

Homework: Purple Prose

Assignment: One Paragraph of Purple Prose (unnecessarily ‘flowery’ and descriptive writing) (I have a translation at the bottom)   Purple Prose: With ease she set her oral fissure ajar and, with much exuberance and pensiveness in her turquoise and seemingly spheroid irises that mirrored the auspicious shimmer of the sun, ensnared a frigid segment of atmosphere that […]


“Malf” Author Link: http://www.wattpad.com/user/_shoes It moved in slow motion, the world, as I opened my eyes to behold the thriving city below. From my perch, everything seemed so distant and so much quieter than its usual rush of life. My eyes scanned the network of streets, with pupils adjusting to the bronze light of the sun through […]